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Best Key West Florida (FL) Fishing Guide Price Charters

This style trip is designed with total success in mind and unleashes the true potential of your Captain. Although this fishing trip can be tailored towards your budget, it is recommended, when finance allows, to have the “take me where the fish are” attitude. This fishing trip is structured around flat rate fishing charter prices plus fuel expenses; allowing the Captain to give you the best game plan possible for the conditions at that time based on the best fishing, not around your Captain's profit margin. From Key West to the Dry Tortugas and beyond.
Type of Day Duration Capacity Price
Half Day of fishing 4 hours 6 per boat $700 plus fuel
Full Day of fishing 8-10 hours 6 per boat $900 plus fuel

This charter is generally fished in the bountiful waters near Key West and fuel is included the price of the charter. From fishing Key West Harbor for the Silver King to Yellowtailing on the reef or hunting Pelagics in the blue water you will get your fill of what makes Key West the fishing capital of the world.
Type of Day Duration Capacity Price
Half Of Fishing 4 hours 6 per boat $800
Three Quarter Day 6 hours 6 per boat $950
Full Day 8 hours 6 per boat $1100

These fishing trips are fished out of a flats skiff designed for fishing the shallow waters of the Florida Keys backcountry. Flats skiffs are generally under 18ft. and hold between two and three passengers. Fuel is included in the price. (link to flats fishing page)
Flats Fishing Half Day 3/4 Day Full Day
Local $850 plus fuel $1,050 plus fuel $1,250 plus fuel
Long Range N/A $1,300 plus fuel $1,600 plus fuel

Fishing Charter Prices and Cost for Deep Sea, Ocean, Sport Fishing

*All trips require a deposit that is usually $400 however please ask your Captain or person booking your trip for details.

*Fuel surcharge policy: Customer is responsible for all fuel expenses except on flat rate charters. Price of fuel will be determined by current marina rates.

Lengthen Your Day:
If you would like to customize your fishing time or stay out longer you may do so for the rate of $100 per hour if there are no conflicts of schedule with your Captain

Cancellation/Re-booking Policy:
If a customer cancels less than 30 days before their charter, the deposit will be forfeit. All cancellations will be made by the Captain on the day of the trip at the dock. If the Captain cancels your charter on the day of the trip at the dock for bad weather, mechanical failure, etc., then you will have an option to reschedule or receive your deposit in full.

Re-booking Policy: If the Captain contacts you before the day of your trip because of an inclement weather forecast or possibility of bad weather, and gives you the option to reschedule, the trip may be rescheduled. If the customer accepts the option to reschedule, canceling the original charter date(s) and accepts a new date, the deposit will be applied towards the re-booking.


Delph Fishing Charters is a Fishing Charter company. Our main offerings include: Wreck Fishing and Bluewater Fishing charters for your deep sea and shallow water fishing trips.

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