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Key West Florida (FL) Deep Drop Fishing

600 ft. and more in depth underneath the surface, far below the last glinting rays of sunlight, lies an alien world; seldom if ever seen by human eyes. Jagged cliffs and crevaces in the Earth's crust shape the ocean floor leaving an environment suitable for species such as Snowy Grouper, Golden Tilefish, Warsaw Grouper, Rose Fish, Rudderfish and other creatures of the deep still undiscovered. This is a place concealed in darkness, the only light coming from the bio luminescence of creatures adapted to this extreme environment.

We use deep drop lights and glowsticks designed to imitate and attract these fish for a type of fishing commonly referred to as deep dropping in these depths. There are several styles for deep drop fishing, the first and most widely practiced in Key West FL is using a rig with multiple circle hooks and a 5-10 lb. weight at the bottom. Each hook is baited with squid, which is a common fish of prey of the deep. Large electric reels, like the Daiwa MP3000, are used out of a rod holder, taking the work out of the fight. This is a very fun and enjoyable way of deep sea fishing for families and friends who want to relax and socialize while catching large quantities of some of the best eating fish in the world.

New technologies have been developed allowing a new twist in this old fishery. Small, light weight, electrically driven reels with variable speeds can be held in one hand. The reels hold enough of the new synthetic, small diameter line; which has been a breakthrough and has revolutionized the deep water Florida fishery. One may now drop down to 1000 or even 2000 feet of water, feel the bite and fight the fish either manually or electrically, while holding the rod in your hands and not in the rod holder. It has put the word 'sport' into this fishery. The new synthetic lines are of such a small diameter that they cut down on the scope that was a real problem in the past. It is possible to effectively deep jig ocean fishing in more than 700 feet of water with a 9 ounce bucktail jig and worm, freestyle jig, or butterfly jig. Recently, on a Key fishing charter, one of our anglers caught a Golden Tilefish while fishing Key West, using a bait casting rod and reel and a jig (no bait). This may well be the first Golden Tilefish ever caught while deep jigging.

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This style of fishing offers a unique break from the standard forms of the sport and has the added benefit that most every type of fish that you will catch Key West Fishing is excellent eating, not to mention that it is very effective during the doldrums of the hot summer months when other species have moved on to cooler climes. Another interesting aspect to this type of fishing is that you never know when you will catch a fish that you or any of your friends have never seen before. It should be mentioned that because of the proximity of this fishery, it may be combined with a Daytime Swordfishing charter during the same trip.

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