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Best Key West Florida (FL) Shark Fishing

When one thinks of charter shark fishing, it usually conjures up thoughts of sitting in the back of a boat, hands clenched on a rod the size of a flag pole and grinding on a reel the size of a mop bucket. Now clear your mind for a moment and visualize shark fishing Florida Keys style on a boat floating softly in about 3' of azure water. From the bow hangs a fresh filet of barracuda. The fresh oils from the bait form a narrow scent corridor drifting away from the bow as the wind gently pushes the boat across the tepid flats.

Off in the distance, in that scent corridor, silently a faint grey shadow begins to form. All of a sudden there is a nuclear submarine plowing a bow wake, heading straight for the boat, only 50 yards away. Before you can say, "hammerhead shark", a beast of epic proportions is at the bow of the boat and is shredding the barracuda chum off the rope. The boat shudders as the tension between the rope and the barracuda is released and you are white knuckle gripping your seat. Three feet of dorsal fin rises above the water close enough to touch, the tip of which extends well above the gunwale of the boat. Shark fishing fever has struck. You stand there in awe, not realizing that the orange fly has fallen from your hand, into the water. With a swirl of the shark's tail, white water and salt spray leave you soaking wet. A hole in the water, large enough to engulf your lawnmower, forms where the shark was only a moment ago. The thing has eaten your fly and is now moving away. As it disappears, its abrasive skin sands through your tippet and your line goes slack. You stand there in stupor and wonder, "What just happened?” Sounds like fantasy? Not quite! Ask some of the fishermen that frequent the waters of Key West about the best shark fishing they've ever had.

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Fly fishing for sharks in Key West FL, Jim Eckhart of Miami landed a 976# Hammerhead that now resides in the "Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club". Replica mounts hang in "Sea World" in Orlando, the “Key West Aquarium”, and the "Miami Seaquarium". Bull shark fishing has produced the six largest fish ever taken on fly tackle, all Bull sharks, over 360#, the largest of which was 386#, were taken in these waters of the Keys sharks fishing. Other exciting charters are Tiger shark fishing, Blacktip shark fishing , and Mako shark fishing. Although our boats have had hundreds of shark attacks while big shark fishing, we are professional shark fishing guides and have never lost an angler. Most people that are new to this extreme shark fishing report feeling more like survivors than participants. Our shark fishing boat are now equipped with large holding tanks capable of bringing in sharks over 300# for fishing tournaments, world records, etc. They are then weighed and released alive. If you really want excitement, bring your video camera and come on Delph Shark Fishing charters, Keys FL style.

Delph Fishing Charters is a Fishing Charter company. Our main offerings include: Wreck Fishing and Bluewater Fishing charters for your deep sea and shallow water fishing trips.

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